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Forget 30-year fixed-rate mortgages—here’s why you’ll likely save more money with an ARM, says finance expert – CNBC

Buying a home? Most experts will tell you to go with a 30-year fixed mortgage. But, after taking out several types of loans over the past 17 years, I’ve found that…



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With mortgage rates reaching historic lows this year, many people are looking to refinance or purchase a home.
But should you do an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), which has an introductory fixed-rate period usually five, seven or 10 years and then periodically adjusts based on market conditions, or the more popular 30-year fixed-rate mortgage?
Most experts will tell you it’s safer to go with the latter. However, after taking out several types of mortgages over the past 17 years, here’s why I’m…

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